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Ableberries showoff section XD

CustomArioCustomArio Posts: 196Member Your Local Striker

How many S(+(+))berries does you guys jave now? ;)
I'm pretty happy with them cuz they suits their monsters well.
Himiko, yggdrasil asc, zhang fei#1 had bias kinstrengh to increase SS power. Sweet for these guys with destructive SS(Himiko and ygg got S+ LOL)
Guan yu has my only S++, which is CLASS kinstrength,super for ashura to boost kenshin.
SS reduce on kuruma tengu, yggrasil evo and zhang fei #2 was nice too.
Zorro and oryo was cutthroat, which are also awesome.
Micha had survivor, tho I had no idea which impossibles I can take her to. :(
Sidekick on ibaraki doji and margarite was amazing for dps(A++ on ibaraki)
And honorably nanami took the chance to farm exp. Geinus S on her. My first genius.
That's all my mentionable berries so far :)
What berries you want and which made you proud of them? Showing off is also welcomed ;)
Match shots are fun! Try them out!



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