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New Line Group for Coop [especially for New Players]

nur_nordinnur_nordin Posts: 14Member Up-and-coming Striker

I have created a Line group for doing coop. Our aim is to farm orbs from affinity, clear dungeon together, have a discussion and so on. We really welcome new players since we are newbies as well. Thus, we may be able to mingle well with each other since we are at similar level.

The only rule that we impose is NO HACK ACCOUNT. We just want to have fun by playing honestly and seriously.

If you are interested, please leave your Line ID here.


  • DannyXDannyX Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    DANNYX please add me to the group!
  • sakisaki Posts: 7Member Novice Striker
    Hi I am a new player and may I join you. Line ID:313921915
  • Shadoow00Shadoow00 Posts: 6Member Novice Striker
    Add me. Line ID shadoow00
  • MaximoNardsMaximoNards Posts: 5Member Novice Striker
    edited July 2016
    Hi there please add me, I have a pretty good selection of powerful monsters but never used co-op play before. Best so far is Odin All-Father @top level. Anyway please add me ID #232 039 336 444
  • CLOuD零CLOuD零 Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    guiltycloud add me please and invi me on any group ty in advence
  • wolfmlupus1wolfmlupus1 Posts: 9Member Novice Striker
    Please add me to the group
    Line ID: Wolfmlupus
    Game ID: 457,201,556,451
  • 1StrikerGod1StrikerGod Posts: 12Member Novice Striker
    why not :D
    Line ID: Striker god
  • XNoVaXNoVa Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    hi, please add me, my line id: hinkwok712
  • Kit_MonsterKit_Monster Posts: 3Member Novice Striker
    My Line ID is kitmonster

    My code in MS is 428 085 022 885
  • SylSyl Posts: 7Member Novice Striker
    Please add~
    Line: sinanjustein7
  • LightFangXLightFangX Posts: 10Member Novice Striker
    Line: puzzleandlight
    pls add :p
    Just some text. Nothing special just yet :p
  • FuwadFuwad Posts: 11Member Novice Striker
    Line id: fuwadzamil
  • andy170298andy170298 Posts: 15Member Novice Striker
    Line id: anisoul
  • SentinelMarc4SentinelMarc4 Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    Add me please:
    Line ID: SentinelMarc4
  • friedpicklezfriedpicklez Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    Line ID: Friedpickle32
  • DestinyourDestinyour Posts: 7Member Novice Striker
    Let me join id984971901473
  • EmiSilvaEmiSilva Posts: 6Member Novice Striker
  • EmiSilvaEmiSilva Posts: 6Member Novice Striker
    line id: Adam$-$ posted again since it didn't show
  • ZephranoidZephranoid Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
    Line ID is: zephranoid
  • Yazmine54546Yazmine54546 Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    Add me! ciggy.butt.brain
  • Reeth111Reeth111 Posts: 3Member Novice Striker
    i want to join too. My id: reeth111
  • JjobgJjobg Posts: 15Member Novice Striker
    Although not new, I like to join. Line ID: JJOBG
  • RedJenny006RedJenny006 Posts: 4Member Novice Striker
    I would love to join the group :smiley: Line ID: redjenny006
  • snowychisnowychi Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    Please add me Line ID: snowychi
  • FACHLIFACHLI Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    please add me Line ID : fachli, anyway add to ID : 223 396 251 384
  • StreamStream Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    my line is stream010
  • SilverChilverSilverChilver Posts: 4Member Novice Striker
    I'd love to be added. I barely ever get to play Co-op.
    My Line ID: silverchilver
  • TachoTacho Posts: 7Member Novice Striker
    Please add me, my line ID is killtacho
  • FACHLIFACHLI Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    Hey Nordin what your ID ? and where this group for coop gonna be ?
  • LaanrirLaanrir Posts: 3Member Novice Striker
    I´m new player and my better monster is "1161 - Gulliver" add me if possible. ID:400.756.080.010
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