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2017: New Line Group!

sklonkssklonks Posts: 52Member Up-and-coming Striker
edited January 6 in Striker's Tavern
Hey there fellow Strikers! I've got a line group me and my friends have been overseeing, in which we do everything from farming monsters to taking on impossibles. All are welcome, from beginners to veteran players. We've only got a few rules:

1. Be courteous and respectful to each other, this is an open group, not everyone is perfect.
2. No Modding!
3. To stay in the group you must also join our discord group, we have a monthly roll call and if you're not in the dc group you'll be kicked, but you'll be able to rejoin once you join the discord group.

My line id is 9crispy6, you can pm me via line that you'd like to join or simply leave your line id's in the comment section down below.
I look forward to seeing you in the group and eventually in some of our runs. Happy hunting! :)


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