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Monster Strike themed Band! PLEASE READ! JOIN TODAY!

STRIKINGheroSTRIKINGhero Posts: 1Member Novice Striker
Welcome to my first post! Been playing MS for two years now. Some of you may know of an app called Band, which allows you to create communities that have a theme. Basically a community for a certain fandom. I recently created a Monster Strike community with the Band app. It currently has no members except for me. It would be nice if some of you joined! The app allows you to post reminders and to-dos for your Band, so if I were organizing a co-op, you would all get a notification, and you wouldn't miss it. This is very handy! All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

One: Download the Band app.

Two: Create your account. (The youngest allowed age is 13, so if you're younger than that, you'll need to lie.)

Three: Go into your browser and paste this link:

Four: Your browser should open your Band app to a page that claims to be a Monster Strike themed Band. Join it!

That's all you have to do! I'll be waiting! *winks* See ya on MS!

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