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Features cannibalising each other

OminousOminous Posts: 8Member Novice Striker
I love the idea of merging two ML to get a badge of honor. Small problem though, I'm never going to use it, cause I'm just a crazy player, not an insane one, and gathering 35ML already took me a ton of time.

Would it really be that much of an impact to count the badged ML as 2 ML and call it a day? That way we can enjoy both features.
As far as I know it's not really like unlocking the ML bonuses is breaking the game either... Might be the feature I give up on, but it really doesn't have to be.

Thanks for your attention!

Ominous @


  • teatea Posts: 205Member Your Local Striker
    if you think about it, you'll end up at 95+ ml eventually. and if not, well then it doesn't matter :D
  • OminousOminous Posts: 8Member Novice Striker
    Well it doesn't matter if you don't care about the feature alright. All I'm saying is you could enjoy both if they weren't taking from each other and they really don't need to.

    I have played 9000 missions and I have 35ML, and I quitted the game for a year, possibly am not back for too long again. 100ML is still a ridiculous amount of grinding, I don't think it's unreasonable to want to enjoy the new badge feature along the way... The thing is I don't think it would take anything from the mechanic, just offer you a badge on some ML you might like, not slowing you down another 10ML to get to where you are trying to be...

    Ominous @
  • FreeSuperFreeSuper Posts: 142Member Battle-Hardened Striker
    Or you know don't badge all your lucks monsters to reduce the tedium by half?

    Instead of 30 badged monsters you could have 60 max luck non-badged and be a little less bored?
  • BlackOpsJewBlackOpsJew Posts: 34Member Up-and-coming Striker
    Yeah, I'd say that would be nice. I have 2 badged monsters right now and I don't mind the loss in ML count but it does seem like most players would rather keep the ML count making the feature completely unusable.
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