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Kii drops from Savage lvl quest

KingCat12345KingCat12345 Posts: 5Member Novice Striker
Been running it for about a month, 5 times a day. Doing it from library. Need kii for the arthur. Got bright blight, ghoulie, and emerald dragon in a few runs. Can't really do extreme quest because only few good monsters. Just want to know so I can quit wasting me time


  • AmadanAmadan Posts: 545Member Master Striker
    Dungeon drops are really low for any difficulties below their max available, so if there's an Extreme and a Savage, the Savage drops will just be really bad. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it other than cross your fingers.
  • Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,136Member Legendary Striker
    Kii also shows up in the Dream Sharl hatcher -- amass Dream Sharls and roll for her there while you can.
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  • KingCat12345KingCat12345 Posts: 5Member Novice Striker
    Didn't know that Mr.F ty for the info
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