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tips for time trial teams?

FancypantsFancypants Posts: 337Member Elite Striker
I should really stop avoiding the temple and finally get around to getting decent berries (or ANY berries for a good chunk of my monsters) on my guys. The problem is that I have an abysmal clear rate on most of them, so I always think why bother spending up to 15 minutes and 60 stamina when I only have a 10% chance of clearing the dungeon, then of that 10% I only have a 5% chance of actually getting a gold seed, then of that gold seed I only have a 30% chance of it actually being anything that I really want. Basically it comes down to a practically zero percent chance of me ending up happy after spending my precious time/stamina. Of course this could really get a huge boost if I could get consistent clears in the temple which is why I humbly ask for advice on what monsters to bring to each time trial dungeon. I know you're potentially "carrying" one or more (depending on # of players), but what core monsters should I use to have the easiest time clearing?

Here are the notes that I made for myself, they haven't been much help apparently.

mines, gb, need to clear mobs, beast slayer, boss is demon

bring bounce, laser barriers, mech slayer, boss is samurai

warps, damage walls minor, bring command or meteor SS, fiend slayer, boss is nebulan

mines, laser barriers, homing absorbers, use bounce, vivolith slayer, boss is etherean, NEED speed boost

damage walls, demon slayer, boss is fiend


  • FancypantsFancypants Posts: 337Member Elite Striker
    For example today I was trying to get some berries in Wellspring and I brought Tempest, Deneb and Zhu Bajie (all trying for berries) and Sandayu or Hades for 4th slot depending on who was hosting. Out of 4 attempts I got 0 clears. Am I trying to carry too many through at once? Should I just do temples solo?
  • SFGundamSFGundam Posts: 850Moderator Community Moderator
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    Yes, you are trying to carry too much. I always advise to bring a few carries/staples into them to offset of your other ones.

    Netherfire: Agnamut X, Apollo, Nirai Kanai
    Wellspring: Gabby, Robin Hood, Mammon, Lucy
    Hexfolia: Aladdin, Avalon, Kamui
    Firstlight: Royce, Loki
    Evernight: Gabby, Lucy, Godstriker, Arthur, Alice

    *list was just on top of my head... there are probably more*
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  • Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,136Member Legendary Striker
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    Huh. This feels familiar.

    I should really stop avoiding the temple [...] I only have a 5% chance of actually getting a gold seed, then of that gold seed I only have a 30% chance of it actually being anything that I really want. Basically it comes down to a practically zero percent chance of me ending up happy after spending my precious time/stamina.

    I can sympathize with this feeling (especially when playing with a younger account), but Temples will get easier the more monsters you get for them. Nothing you can do about getting the "wrong" berries, you just have to keep at it. It's a lot easier now that there's a "freebie" temple available; it used to be you had to rely on others to host (because of the 60-stamina requirement) or reaching rank 150+ to have the 120+ stamina to run multiple temples.

    @SFGundam has it down -- if you're playing solo, the rest of your team has to 100% make the quest easier for you. If you're playing with others... probably don't bring something that isn't max-level, stat hyper-maxed, or less than 6-stars. It also helps if those monsters have berries themselves (from non-Time Trial runs).

    The Wikia doesn't have all the Carnage-level Temples mapped out, but still does. Their recommendation lists are out of date, but still useable.


    -Carnage tips: Have at least one sweeper since the mine explosions do hurt. Note when the boss will use their attacks and don't be close when it happens. The laser-robots show up at the end will do massive damage, so take care of them first. If you don't have access to a strong sweeper like Raff, Loki, Lorelei, D'Artagnyan, Artica, and Kojiro, Bahamut X, Kraken, Hakwa, Doom, and Nirai Kanai can be used as well.

    -Timed tips: This is a little trickier. The enemies all have less HP than in Carnage and the mines hurt less, but there's gravity everywhere and the enemies are all serious. You can pick monsters with strong bumps and win that way (transcends like Loki, Mundus, even Royce), or you can pick monsters like Ancient Smydra, Chain-gang Jack, Queen Butterflight, Orihime/Hikoboshi, but only Ashura, Hakwa, and Nirai Kanai are dropped NGb/Ms... and things would go better with hatched monsters. Agnamut X makes it easier to win since the boss' ATK-down won't affect her strikeshot much (the real damage comes from the falls, not the hits). Her blast+homing bump-combo also help take out the minions. Similarly, Succubus' 8-turn SS will be great to have on-hand in case you run into that nut-thieving Berry-boi.

    If you're soloing either quest, you can bring a terrible monster as long as the other 3 members of your team compensate (and you don't actively do anything silly, like use a bash SS to stick to the boss before they attack).


    -Carnage tips: Warps will be everywhere, so NW monsters are a must. Damage walls only appear if you leave the mermaid adds alive (try to take out at least one). I consider this a little harder than the Timed version because the minions are spaced far enough that you can't quickly defeat two at once. Just like Netherfire, note when the boss' attacks happen, because the closer you are, the more it will hurt. Loreley, Royce, Belphegor, etc. are the usual suspects that bypass warps and have strong bump combos to keep the pressure going. Dropped monsters like Takeru Yamato, Marici, Daikoku are tough; you can probably make it with ZENIGATA, Diaochan, Zhang Jiao, Nurarihyon X, and DaVinci X.

    -Timed tips: DON'T BRING MECHS. The boss' slayer L will annihilate you, even if you only have one. Other than that, the other gimmicks (Shields, anti-Laser barriers, big-bang Demons) are negligible. Most of the time the focus is on pinching the demons away, staying out of the boss' attack radius (his explosion and lasers), and then finding a spot somewhere to wedge yourself. Some prep work between fights is needed so you don't get cut off from the boss, especially before the 3rd fight (unless you have fixed-direction lasers) and the 4th fight (try to be on the left side). And you need a monster with a strong "finisher" like Hunter King or Snowbow because the 4th boss fight has a lot more HP. Evolved Robin Hood and Gabby make this quest ridiculously easy because their bump-combos can clear away everybody; Gabby's chain lightning does additional hits because the shields often overlap with his weakspots doing multiple hits. Because you want damage before the boss drops the meteor, it's harder to include dropped monsters that aren't Impossibles (Daikoku, Marici, Kushinada:0, Kushinada over Diaochan (asc), Jiraiya.

    Soloing Carnage is about bringing monsters to whittle down the minions. Bringing a terrible pick to Timed means your monsters have to quickly dispatch the boss.


    -Carnage tips: No gimmicks (outside of poison and slayers), just damage. Getting to the boss will be easy, but the boss fight itself is just wave after wave or damage as he continually revives the small fry. And those little dudes hurt too! (So does the mid-boss.) Stack your team with monsters like Himiko, Cao Cao, Galileo, Ryoma, Micha, Smopol, or Nonno; though the final mid-boss slays deities, Izanami is still one of the better dropped monsters to bring along with MICA, Tiamat, Slash X, Briareus, or Momotaro.

    -Timed tips: DON'T BRING FIENDS. The boss' slayer L will hurt; because there's more space to work with than Wellspring, you can actually make it through with a fire fiend on the team. Focus on removing the boss, as the damage-walls will come from shields and drones attached to him. You'll have to live with warps since they pop up immediately and stay up for 12 turns. Valkyrie, Aladdin, Diamond, Nacho, Siegfried... are actually less effective than dropped monsters like Avalon, Fenrir X, and Daikoku. Since getting/using all 3 might be hard (practice that gauge!); focus more on NDW first and find ways of activating bump-combos like Gabby's or Royce's with a NW monster.

    Like Wellspring, the team to carry a poor monster to Carnage should focus on taking out multiple minions with strong bump-combos or speed-ups whereas the secret of beating Timed is crushing the boss before the damage-walls appear (or you get stun-locked by the Hydras that eventually show up).
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  • Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,136Member Legendary Striker


    -Carnage tips: DON'T BRING FIENDS. Also, damage-walls are everywhere. Also also, position ahead or pinch between enemies if you're in a tough spot. The boss can be slayed by Kushinada, so that's a plus. There's one monster with gravity at the end, so clear them before utilizing Kushinada's SS. Other NDw picks include Lucy and Gabby, especially Gabby because of how claustrophobic the layout gets. Similarly Daikoku, Izanagi, and Yamato will work fairly well too, though ultimately somebody like Gigamantis synergizes with Kushinada best to drag that plasma everywhere.

    -Timed tips: DON'T BRING PIERCE-SLINGS. One Royce/Loki ... will actually make clearing the boss really simple. The hard part is clearing the mobs because the non-mech ones revive everybody every turn. Having a speed-up might help, but it's really about quick swipes and hoping you don't pinch between the mobs. And especially don't get trapped between the wall and a reviving monster. Since time is at a premium, only experience will teach you what flings you need to make, what angles you need to take, and if your monster needs bump-combos to make up for the fact they can't 1-shot the minions.

    For the regular temple, carrying a weakling with Kushinada and Gigamantis is a lot easier than finding dropped monsters to carry a weakling in time trials. Royce, Agnamut X, Loki can all clear away the mobs easily enough; drop-wise, you want someone fast (so power types like Satellite and Kraken are suspect); Briareus, Queen Butterflight, Saturn, and Kabushido's evolved forms might be an answer along with Hakwa and Nirai Kanai; once you start slipping to Egg-knight Sage and Pine, you might need mines to one-hit the minions.


    -Carnage tips: Take care of the minions first. Sure the boss has demonsbane, but their attacks are fairly spread out and avoidable (as long as he does down before the lightning). The real danger comes from the subordinates (especially the mech ones) with their poisons and lasers (and laser barriers). As long as a majority of your team has NGb, maybe have a strong SS like SST Tinker's, this shouldn't be very hard.

    -Timed tips: Unlike Carnage, the gimmick here is Damage-wall not Gravity-barrier. But like Carnage, the boss has a slayer (demon), but his attacks are harder to avoid. And the ability-lock hurts too (ditto with the ones the mechs throw). There are damage-walls (created by shields and drones), which hurt less than the ones created by the ninjas, but there's enough of a clutter you can bounce to avoid them. The 3rd fight gives you an opportunity to immediately win via pinch between the bomb-mob and the boss. Arthur, Godstriker, Gabby, Lucy are all easy choices; they will wipe out the small fry while whittling down the boss. Daikoku, Izanagi, Signal-man, and Cabaletta are viable too.

    Of all the Temples, the Evernight series might be the easiest ones to practice on. The puzzles are straightforward, and Time Trials teaches you the urgency of prioritizing your damage, looking for safe bounces, and utilizing bumps.
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  • FlyingClutchmanFlyingClutchman Posts: 264Member Elite Striker
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    The Netherfire time trial is primarily about mobility and positioning. There are a lot of strong attacks that come out in this temple, but they are avoidable. First, make sure you have at least a couple of minesweeper and NGB monsters. Ideally, your power picks will have both MS/Flight and NGB. Avoid monsters with NGB, but not MS/Flight, since they might be hard to keep away from the mines. Monsters without NGB should have strong bump combos to make up for their lack of mobility. Use your first turn in each boss stage to try to take down something before the power down comes out. On the last stage, as long as you're not caught between the mechs at the bottom, you can focus on the boss with your strikeshots.

    Power Picks: Agnamut X, Amakusa Shiro, Apollo, Shogun Ieyasu, Nirai Kinai, Lorelei
    The first five on my list satisfy both nulls and are excellent picks. I love homing piercer in this dungeon and have had good results with Lorelei. She can grab the mines and the lack of NGB can actually help you position her way from certain attacks.

    Dark Horse: Hamelin
    I've used Hamelin on multiple occasions in Netherfire. The blast, status recovery, and NGB combo are pretty useful. As long as you can avoid the mines, he can be a good alternative pick.


    Wellspring can be a serious pain. It's sort of the catchall for non-fire monsters that need berries since there are no nullable gimmicks to worry about, but it's not easy. Positioning is important for the last two stages, primarily. You want to have at least a couple of bounce monsters and strong direct attacks are preferred. Make sure you go for the lowest timer blue demon so long as a shield isn't in the way.

    Power Picks: Valkyrie, Belphegor (asc), Hunter King, Mammon
    Valkyrie is my favorite monster for Wellspring. The wave bump combo is a great source of damage all throughout the dungeon. Belphegor is very strong thanks to the water slayer and a very powerful strike shot. HK can easily clear a boss stage and his poison is good for eating away at the adds. Mammon is excellent for getting unstuck and the short cool down on the strikeshot means you can use it early if you need it.

    Dark Horse: Gulliver & Kushinada (combo)
    Before I had any of the options above, this is what I used. Gulliver evo has Samurai slayer and, being a pierce, works well with Kushinada's plasma. This combo has fallen out of favor with me lately, but it's still decent. You can swap Gulliver for another pierce, but try to keep mostly bounce monsters on your team. Parvati is a good alternative.


    Do a ton of damage and bring null warp. That's it in a nutshell. Just make sure you get the Shadowgaffs before they get you. On the stage with the three Shadowgaffs, try to pinch between the boss and the drone. That is the hardest stage, in my opinion, so you'll want to clear the adds or take the boss down in a hurry.

    Power Picks: Aladdin, Loki, Avalon, Himiko, Kamui, Shizuka
    Aladdin and Loki are the pair I use these days. Avalon is very good here. Himiko used to be my main pick, but she can get lost in warps, which can turn her strike shot into literally nothing. Kamui asc has Nebulan slayer and can pretty much one shot the last stage with his strike shot. Shizuka just had her bump combo buffed, she covers both nulls, and has a healing strikeshot.

    Dark Horse: Izanami Zero
    I used her for a month or so in Hexfolia. The occasional meteor-struction that takes out the warp mob can make your NDW attackers, such as Himiko, very happy. Plus, she has sprite slayer M for those Shadowgaffs.


    This one gave me trouble for a while, but eventually I figured out the angles to shoot at. Practice makes perfect here. Eventually it will become routine. Try to take monsters that don't need their gauges to be effective. No pierce allowed, of course.

    Power Picks: Daji, Nezumi Kozo, Brynhildr, Tempest
    Daji evo and Nezumi Kozo evo both have meteor bump combos which actually do a good job of taking down the non-obstructor mobs. Brynhildr and Tempest both have speed up and no gauge.

    Dark Horse: Gulliver (asc) & Ali Baba (evo)
    Ali Baba just became a blast type recently, which brings his bump in line with Gulliver's. These are two of my favorite monsters in the game. The shotgun bump combo is super powerful. Both of these guys are great picks for Firstlight.


    I farm Evernight more than any other time trial. Try to have at least two NDW monsters (preferably your power picks) and use strong bump combos. You will get ability locked, so try to find the angle that reduces the number of touches you get on damage walls. Also, avoid bouncing off of the boss when ability locked. Slash has a way of sending you in random directions. Try to avoid bringing two or more pierce monsters, especially if you are low on NDW monsters. The good news is that 90% of the best monsters in the game have NDW.

    Power Picks: Godstriker, Lucy, Gabby, Raff, Arthur, Alice, Aladdin, Izanagi
    I'm going to ignore commenting on the first seven. I think we all understand why. Izanagi was my long time pick for a stable team and anyone can get him, so that helps a lot.

    Dark Horse: Kushinada, Daikoku, & Verdandi
    They're all good. There are so many good picks for this dungeon.


    Hope that helps. I may have made a few mistakes, typos, or forgot some good picks, but it is very late and I'm very tired. Best of luck to ya!
  • FancypantsFancypants Posts: 337Member Elite Striker
    Sorry for the duplicate post @Mr.F I knew you had written something good in the past and I actually browsed every page here in the strategy center before writing this and couldn't find it. In true old man fashion I forget where I did my complaining. Once again, thanks for all the wonderful advice, I will have to bookmark this so I don't forget about it in another 4 months :blush:
  • AzBewbsAzBewbs Posts: 369Member Elite Striker
    Or @Everyone ;) just run temples with me and solve all your problems haha
  • cabbagecabbage Posts: 2,262Member Legendary Striker
    In addition to whomever it is I am trying to get berries on, here are my two helpers for every Time Trial:

    Fire - Nirai Kanai, Amakusa Shiro Evo

    Water - Royce, Gabriel Evo

    Wood - Shizuka x2

    Light - Royce x2

    Dark - Arthur, Striker
    Max lucks... I want all the max lucks.

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