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I am hoping for a super god mode later in the month (or on weekends?)

wondersmithwondersmith Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
edited July 10 in Discussion Hall
Hello, I go by "Duh Butts" or "Khezu" and I've been a past player on Monster Strike where I have been in a couple Line Groups.

I've returned to Monster Strike as I missed the gameplay and I am content with having just having a month to play the game,
I have a couple of thoughts for this rare and unique stage of the game. I might be asking too much and what we already have is fine too.
I might be repeating some points in a previous discussion here.

Free 5* 10 shots a day/(50 orbs a day) with this 5* only hatcher is super super nice. I would like a bit more though, yep, I'm greedy.
We can't go full-on everything-is-free-and-easy as that would ruin the sense of accomplishment that the game can still offer.

Anyway here is a list of random thoughts.
0. All monster dungeons have one 100% drop rate when completed.
1. As people have lives and work, limit these super god mode days to the last 3 or 7+ days or just on the weekends.
2. Lift the limit in Library of Memories and add every possible dungeon there.
3. Make all dungeons cost 0-1 stamina as well. (this might be a health risk)
4. Make Max Lucking Hatcher Monsters possible, at least drop with 25-50 luck. This might be done with Dungeon Monsters too maybe.

I would understand if much of this stuff might not be possible but I was just hoping and wishing.

Keeping in mind JP MS, we don't want any of this to hurt them I suppose? I have in mind a metaphor of a free ice cream one versus an ice cream cone you have to pay for.

Anyway, I'm not prepared for people to say that my thoughts are dumb but feel free to discuss away or if you have other ideas on how to make the last month on MS Global as bloody fun as possible.


  • wwan003wwan003 Posts: 82Member Up-and-coming Striker
    I mentioned some thoughts on my 6/29/17 "Last 30 days journey" and 7/9/17 "Library expansion? Missing asc materials?" posts. Now we only have less than 20 days to play (31-12= 19). I hope the forum managers can see our list and make those wishes come true.

    My other ideas are

    Put some free divine, element vouchers, dragon gems with 15 lucks not 1 luck, stoans as part of daily log in bonus.

    Create actual quests for Hawka, light muraasame and dark muramasa and appear part of daily events.

    Thank you hatcher monsters should max stat, 5 lucks and transcension ready.

    Extend the impossible/extreme quest time frame from 2 hours to 3 or possible all day events.

    All quests are 5X medals.

    All trials are 5 or 10X experience.

    All 5 element gems/temple quests available daily and no more schedule to follow. Gold berry boy appears every Carange and Time Trial quests.

    To be honest, many people are not farming affinity. Some of them left this game for good, however, there are still some hardcore fans stick around and play several hours each day till server shutdown.

  • wondersmithwondersmith Posts: 2Member Novice Striker
    After these 15 days, I've probably spent most of my time playing still grinding expies and evolution materials due to the new monsters I've been getting from the hatcher.

    I don't really like still needing to grind in this game but... it's a part... of... the... game...*sigh*

    sure orbs can refill your stamina but that hatcher lol.
  • wwan003wwan003 Posts: 82Member Up-and-coming Striker
    Another disappoint in TY hatchers is

    Where is the latest series monsters like Return of the Three Kingdoms/Forsaken Fantasy/Academia Arcana 2?

    Can the developer increase those newer series dropping rate? Especially the one in 2017 hatcher monsters (April to now). Currently, I have plenty of duplicate aged monsters that I have them prior 5/1 announcement. I wish I can Max luck them if they are in 5 lucks instead of 1 luck. It will be fun and bring them in dragon gems.

    There is nothing wrong having those old hatchers if they can become a transcension form like Kali and Hikari etc. Now they will never shine in NA version and players long waiting keep them alive.

    Of course, I always have some jeers keep saying NA shutting down, go play JP. Who's care... :'(

  • Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,157Member Legendary Striker
    Why would you want the latest series in the BYE hatcher? Ascension materials are gone.
    "This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"
  • wwan003wwan003 Posts: 82Member Up-and-coming Striker
    Mr.F said:

    Why would you want the latest series in the BYE hatcher? Ascension materials are gone.

    I know, but at least try their evo version that I don't see often. Kind of bored without the new units and keep this game going. It also explores some new play styles. Few days ago, I used Iris Asc on Acala. I was shocked how easy to use her bump combo and clear the zombie stages... BTW.. we don't have much time left and farewell this game. Still struggle should I continue Jp MS...
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