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Did anything Easter related happen yet?

Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,063Member Legendary Striker
I've been finding extra gigs during holy week; don't suppose any special maxpies or extra sharl-themed hatcher (filled with candied egg-knights) is in the works?
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  • Andres4everAndres4ever Posts: 25Member Up-and-coming Striker
    i would like something easter related as well :smiley:
  • koodakooda Posts: 1,412Member Legendary Striker
    It would be nice to be able to ml some bunnies on alt accounts for sure.
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  • SFGundamSFGundam Posts: 833Moderator Community Moderator
    inb4 - the current Dream Sharl event is our Easter Event
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  • MaruSeiMaruSei Posts: 124Member Your Local Striker
    SFGundam said:

    inb4 - the current Dream Sharl event is our Easter Event

    Did you get the three five star monsters? :)
    I stopped doing it after I collected them all
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