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Monster Strike (Thank you)

StrikerGodStrikerGod Posts: 19Member Up-and-coming Striker
For the people who work on Monster Strike Global, Thank you. You guys made a very fun game and helped a lot of people from around the world closer together and I'm very thankful. I do feel quite regretful that i didn't play Monster strike after Line was cut off to play MS together, which made me lose interest. However I still kept my account and for sure its still on my phone to this day. I check up on it alot to see if i get orbs now and then. But by hearing the sad news that it will be gone forever, i'm sad. You guys (MS TEAM) were the pillars that helped people come together and strike together. I think, not me, but everyone who plays this game is thankful for the content you gave us and even though this game has had its ups and downs. It was well worth it to have played this game. With the pulls, we were salty, happy, overwhelmed, and we all knew that was part of the game cause if we had gotten everything it would be boring. So thank you for everything you have given to us and hope for the best of luck to the next game. Ill play it for sure. :)


  • Pete_MSPete_MS Posts: 493Administrator, Moderator Monster Strike Studio
    Thank you, StrikerGod! One of my personal regrets is that I didn't fight harder to prevent LINE Co-op from being cut the first time. So, if there are any regrets, it is on our side.

    We are honored to have worked on the game and just as honored to have had you as one of our players!
  • iMacKiMacK Posts: 35Administrator, Moderator Monster Strike Studio
    StrikerGod, much love to you and the other Strikers!

    The US Dev team is sadden with the closing of MS, but wonderful comments like yours reminds us how great the MS community really is. Thank you for your heartwarming post and allowing us to be part of your life!

  • wwan003wwan003 Posts: 55Member Up-and-coming Striker
    When Line co-op got cut and lost a majority of my Line friends, I created my alt using my mom's smart phone and kept playing. At least I could earn some orbs by filling affinity each other, roll 50 orbs shot every month, and share the stamina load. Now everything is history. The game will end on 8/1. I am unsure I would follow my friend footstep and start a JP or TW. Language barrier and time different keep me and play NA version since Day 1 or 600 + days ago. I wish there is a better way to help NA players and keep playing Monster Strike without starting from scratch. If the monster data couldn't transfer, can the NA account holder can have some incentive like if I log in 500 days, I can have 500 orbs and so on. At least having some welcome gift and honor those loyalty players.
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