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Singin to the Blue Sky

koodakooda Posts: 1,439Member Legendary Striker
If anyone cares.......................team that you can use to get through.

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  • cabbagecabbage Posts: 2,262Member Legendary Striker
    I played it just for the clear orbs and that one time was excruciating enough. If all the rest of the 4-star quests play at this (and Skull Dragon's) slow pace, ugh.

    Bring on the Tower already!
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  • FancypantsFancypants Posts: 337Member Elite Striker
    Ouch, I agree, painfully slow. And to top it off, with 3 ML the only chest that had a drop was from the local co-op chest.
  • SFGundamSFGundam Posts: 850Moderator Community Moderator
    edited May 18

    Ouch, I agree, painfully slow. And to top it off, with 3 ML the only chest that had a drop was from the local co-op chest.

    There are no chest drops (except local). They are all direct drops during the quest like Lucas.

    Time wise the dungeon is not too long (6-7min). The end result is not that great though lol
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  • Mr.FMr.F Posts: 2,136Member Legendary Striker
    I still like this quest better than Lucas'... this sentence is mostly a shot against the Lucas quest than praise for the Akagi quest.

    Whereas Lucas only guarantees a drop via co-op chest (no guaranteed drop during victory, no guaranteed invasion frame, no guaranteed damage drop, no chance of dropping in a reward chest), Akagi Rin has two (three?) different chances to invade, and as far as I've seen, an OK chance of popping up in a damage chest or victory. Not appearing in a reward chest chafes me quite a bit though.

    As a 35-stamina quest, getting 4~5 drops is kind of nice (any opportunity to dust off Spearmint and Leaf Breaker), but to grind out 99 of her is a far cry from the loot-filled carnival ride that is Cthulhu+ -- 25-stamina, guaranteed victory drop, reward-chest drops, possibility of damage/victory drops, and drops vouchers for play-anytime quests.
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  • TheEndTheEnd Posts: 102Member Your Local Striker
    Do you guys know if this dungeon is gonna come back? I missed the event
  • FancypantsFancypants Posts: 337Member Elite Striker
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think any of these events are coming back.
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